How to Do SEO Keyword Research For Beginner

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In relation to the application of SEO for blog and business content, the important thing to note is the keywords used in the content. Therefore, make sure you have done keyword research before creating content. The purpose of this activity is to get your content to win positions in search engines like Google and bring in a lot of visitors.

However, some people find it difficult to do so. And still do not know the important factors in choosing keywords. This post will talk about how to research the correct keywords to get potential keywords and get a lot of traffic. So, please read carefully.

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Fundamental Keywords Research Strategy

When you start doing keyword research, there are four steps to be done to find the most ideal keywords that fit your needs. These four steps are perfect for beginners to get the best keywords. That way you can do further research using other factors.

Set Your Goal

Before doing keyword research, the first thing to do is to set your goals first. Whether the keywords you aim to get as many visitors as possible or to get potential buyers.

You have to understand, that without a clear purpose then keyword search will be difficult. For example, if you want to get a large number of visitors to your business website, you can search for keywords related to business ideas or tips or keywords related to business development and activities. This will make it easy for you to get visitors and traffic.

Meanwhile, if your goal is to do keyword research to get potential buyers, then the keywords that must be shot are keywords related to buying and selling activities, transactions, and the like.

Look for Basic Keywords First

Once you've set the main goal, then look for the basic keywords that match the goals you want to achieve. Short tail keyword usually consists of only one to two words. Examples of basic keywords that you can use for business, for example buying and selling, selling, how to sell, online stores, cheap stores, cheap cars, and so on.

Determine the Short-tail Keyword that best suits your needs. Because Short Tail Keyword is the basis for people finding your content or business. In addition, Short Tail Keyword is needed to detail long keywords that more specifically describe what they have.

Find Long Tail Keyword

A long-tail keyword is a derived keyword that usually contains a description or more details of the basic keywords that you have previously specified. To search for long-tail keywords, you can use keyword search tools. Keyword search tools themselves are many types. Some are free and some are paid. Just choose according to your needs and adjust to your budget.

For beginners, using free tools, such as UberSuggest or keyword planner, is also recommended. With these tools, the list of recommended keywords will look easier. You can find a variety of long-tail keywords that you can shoot with guaranteed accuracy or use Google suggest that automatically appears in the search box.

Analysis of Competition Levels in Search Engines

In keyword search, there is one point that is no less important than the previous points, which is to analyze the level of keyword competition in search engines. You can use keyword tools, Google ads, or keyword planners to see how much competition is in the keywords you're targeting.

Doing this level of competition analysis also allows you to get information about the search volume of your shot keywords. Analyze the level of keyword competition manually with keyword tools instead of using Google ads Because later the competition level data will be shown through the site of the tools.

What to Look For In Choosing Keywords

Once you do those four. You'll get a lot of keywords to choose from as your content keywords. However, many people are wrong in determining the best keywords for them. So those keywords don't mean anything to them.

Keywords have a few things to keep in mind with regard to your needs. These indicators describe the quality and chances of you winning the competition. Understand carefully the key keyword indicators below.

1. Search Volume

Search volume or keyword search volume is how many keywords are searched on Google in a given period of time. Usually, the keyword tool will display many keyword searches in the last month.

For example, the search volume of a keyword indicates a number of 100,000. This means that the keyword was searched 100,000 times on Google within a month.

2. Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty indicates the difficulty of a keyword to be on the first page of search results. Generally, keyword tools use a scale of 0-100. The larger the number, the harder it is for the keyword to reach the first position of the search results. Usually, keyword difficulty also shows how many backlinks are needed for an article to be on the first page of search results. The higher the difficulty keyword, the more backlinks it needs.

3. Keyword Suggestion

Keyword suggestions are keyword suggestions related to the keywords you're looking for. For example, let's say you do keyword research for the keyword "create a blog", the keyword tool will provide keyword suggestions such as "how to create a blog", "create a free blog", or "create an easy blog".

Generally, the keyword tool service will give long-tail keyword suggestions.

Through this keyword suggestion feature, you can find more long tail keywords suitable for your blog or website. Using long-tail keywords is recommended in order to attract more visitors because 70 percent of searches on Google consist of long-tail keywords.

For example, instead of just searching for the keyword "blog", users can get more complete and clear information by typing the keyword "how to create a blog" or "how to create an easy blog"

4. Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

The SERP shows the pages that top the keyword search results you researched. The function is to see what quality pages can top Google search results.

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Okay, these a post about how to do SEO Research Keyword. If you think these posts are insightful. Don't forget to share it with other people. Thanks for your visit and have a nice day!

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